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Stockman & Paddock Dog Biscuits 2x2 With Beef 10kg

Stockman & Paddock Dog Biscuits 2x2 With Beef 10kg

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Stockman & Paddock is a culmination of passion and expericence with Australian sourced meat

  • No Added Artificial colour or flavours
  • No Added sugar
  • With added meat protein
  • With carrot you can see


  • High in dogs tested (sample size 50 dogs of various breeds)
  • Meat sources used for increased palatability vs sugars

Value for money

  • Metabolised Energy (ME) per 100g higher than box 1 - Meaning a more economical treat
  • Biscuit weight 25g average. Approx 400 per box, 2x2 size

What is the nutrition vs Box 1?

  • Key ingredients similar to box 1, recipe simplified & palability improved

What breeds is this product for?

  • This biscuit has been designed fro all breeds of dogs

10kg box

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