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Avigrain Mixed Grain Scratch Mix 20kg (No Pellets)

Avigrain Mixed Grain Scratch Mix 20kg (No Pellets)

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Avigrain Auntie Kate's Mixed Grain is our basic energy mix, a blend of the key cereal grains.

Includes: Wheat, Com, Sorghum, Millets -The cheapest energy grains – high in carbs but lower in protein than layers require.

Lupins, Peas – Legumes high in plant proteins.

Canola, Safflower, Black and Grey Sunflower – Oilseeds the birds love to eat plus high in fats and protein – low in carbohydrate. Canola is a source of methionine.

Protein 10% min
Fat 3% min
Fibre 5% max
Salt <0.3% Energy mj/kg 2600 kCal/Kg as fed Avigrain DOES NOT USE RESTRICTED ANIMAL MATERIAL

20kg Bag

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