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Avione Egg And Biscuit Mix For Birds 1kg

Avione Egg And Biscuit Mix For Birds 1kg

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The Avione Bird Egg and Biscuit is a high-protein, high-quality feeding mixture designed to help promote healthy and nutritional eating in caged and parenting birds. This tasty formula that can be eaten dry or mixed with water ensures that birds will be eager for each meal and helps eliminate resistance and refusal to eat in parenting birds. The Avione Bird Egg and Biscuit feed provides a balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to help develop healthy chicks and keep birds in top health all year round. It is suitable for parrots, finches, canaries, and most other bird species. 

  • Very palatable mixture designed to reduce resistance to food.
  • Packed full of high-nutritional value ensuring excellent health all year round.
  • High-energy food mixture to provide great everyday health and wellbeing for all caged birds.
  • Provides young chicks nursing from parents to get a strong, healthy start.
  • Can be eaten wet or dry.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes, from a smaller 500g package to a larger 5kg for a longer lasting supply or feeding multiple birds.
  • Made in Australia.

1kg bag

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