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Boosti-Cal Oral Gel 500ml Supplement For Cattle And Sheep

Boosti-Cal Oral Gel 500ml Supplement For Cattle And Sheep

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Provico BOOSTI Cal Oral Gel

Profeherd Boosti-Cal is an oral calcium, magnesium and organic trace mineral gel supplement for cattle and sheep.

A supplement for improved recovery and increased protection against milk fever and grass staggers.


As a cow approaches calving, large amounts of calcium are removed from the blood and deposited into colostrum pre-calving and into milk post-calving. Often the cow is unable to absorb calcium fast enough to meet this calcium demand which leads to milk fever (low blood calcium levels). Typical milk fevers respond well to calcium supplementation. BOOSTi-Cal Oral Gel is an easy-to feed option to complement IV fluids in severe cases or rapidly elevate blood calcium levels in mild cases.


  • Application – convenient, single-dose bottle that can be refilled from larger pack sizes.
  • Performance – rapid absorption to elevate blood calcium levels.
  • Cost-Effective – use in conjunction with IV fluids for best results in ‘downer cows’
  • Price – exceptional value per dose compared to commercial alternatives.

Direction for use

Shake well before use.

Feeding Rates

Cattle - Feeding Volume = 500mL

  • Calcium Deficiencies Related to Calving - Give 1 bottle (500mL) morning and night.
  • In Conjunction with IV Calcium fluids - Give 1 bottle (500mL) as soon as the cow stands and repeat 10-12 hours later.
  • Calcium Deficiencies at Other Times - Give 1 bottle (500mL) daily or as directed by veterinarian.

Sheep - Feeding Volume = 50mL or as directed by veterinarian.


Avoid accidental administration into the trachea or lungs. Do not use in the absence of a swallowing reflex.


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