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Bosag Fastlink Wire Joiner 2.2mm - 3.5mm

Bosag Fastlink Wire Joiner 2.2mm - 3.5mm

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Fastlink  is a connector, splice, and tensioner for use on all types of wire.
•  FASTLINK eliminates the need for stretchers, ratchets, crimps, crimping tools, wire splices, and tying wire by hand.
•  It operates like a Chinese finger trap with one-way locking channels.
•  The wire passes through the FASTLINK in one direction, then  rollers and steel springs lock the wire and prevent it from going back the other way.
•  To prevent rust and corrosion on the exterior, the housing of the FASTLINK  is composed of a zinc-aluminum alloy.  Internally, rollers are used to combat rust and corrosion.  
Wire range: Plain or Barb

A fast, simple and easy way to join or tie off wire in seconds.  Great for repairs and any joins that need to be made in the fence line.
The Fastlink will hold the wire as you push it through the holes on either end, so a simple pull with a set of pliers will finish the job off nicely.They are also easy to remove from the fence when using them for temporary repairs. Simply cut the wire and continue pulling it through the way you started and you will be able to use it time and time again.

Suits wire 2.2mm to 3.5mm

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