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Bromakil Super Rat Drink 500mL

Bromakil Super Rat Drink 500mL

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Product Description

Bromakil Super Rat Drink is a liquid bait for the control or rats and mice. This Super Rat Drink is to be mixed with water before dispensing, makes 5 litres. 

Directions for Use:
Apply where pests occur, eg food processing, factories, stores, ships, laundries, restaurants, boiler houses, hotels and motels. 
Rate: 100mL per 900mL water.
Stir well to ensure mixing.

Baiting Strategy: Eliminate as far as practicable all alternative water sources. Place approxmiately 150mL of prepared bait solution in non-corrosive containers in sheltered position near roden entry points. Inspect daily. 

500mL Bromakil Super Rat Drink (Makes 5 litres)

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