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Castlereagh Horse & Dairy Mix 25kg

Castlereagh Horse & Dairy Mix 25kg

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The secret to the Castlereagh Horse & Dairy is in the simplicity of the feed in providing wholegrain goodness whilst being packed full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients sure to be pleasing to the palate. No wonder Horse & Dairy has been relied upon by horse lovers, farmers and Aussie stockmen for keeping happy & healthy animals. Ideal for Pony Club mounts in light to medium work, conditioning cattle for show or store dairy cattle. For fattening sheep, goats, or rabbits. Horse & Diary is also an ideal feed for our senior equine friends with a sensitive tummy, missing teeth, recovering from sickness, illness or surgery as Horse & Dairy can be wet down and made into a yummy porridge. With seniors please seek regular veterinary check-ups, in normal circumstances no additional supplements are required.

Ingredients:  Steam rolled barley, oats, corn, wheat bran, wheat pollard, molafos gold (molasses), calcium magnesium carbonate (dolomite), canola oil, salt and Castlereagh Premium Vitamin & Mineral premix.

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