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CEN Lupin Pellet 20kg

CEN Lupin Pellet 20kg

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THE CEN Lupin Pellet provides your horse with an additional calorie source to help maintain condition and provide cool energy for horses in training. Developed for all horse disciplines from pleasure to elite equine athletes and made by 100% RAW Australian ingredients.
When compared to traditional “cool” calorie sources, the CEN Lupin Pellet has a far superior nutrient profile to provide the very best in digestive health and overall health.

The low sugar and low starch profile is the key to a non-heating calorie source.
The high digestible fibre levels are broken down by the horse into volatile fatty acids for energy. Using this as the primary energy source can be beneficial for stamina in performance, but also their temperament and mental health.

Ingredients: Australian Lupins, Lupin Kernels and Lupin Hulls

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