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Country Park Herbs Spring Formula 1.25kg

Country Park Herbs Spring Formula 1.25kg

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Developed to assist your horse to adjust to Spring conditions. Being high in flavonoids, this blend supports and tones the digestive, circulatory and metabolic systems.

The herbs included in this blend are:
Fennel Seeds a carminative herb that aids the digestive system
Rosehips high in Vitamin C and flavonoids
Celery Seeds a tonic to assist the kidneys with eliminating excess body wastes
Hawthorn Berries exerts a tonic action on the circulatory system
Clivers a nutritive herb to support the body’s lymphatic systems
Vervain a relaxing tonic to assist the nervous, respiratory and hepatic systems
Capsicum high in flavonoids to assist general functioning throughout the body

#Note – Owners should be aware that (1) some herbs in these blends contain naturally occurring constituents that may be restricted by equine sport regulators and (2) some herbs in these blends may be unsuitable for pregnant mares and we recommend that you consult with a qualified herbal practitioner or your veterinarian before using.

Packed in Australia from imported ingredients

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