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Door Stop - Dolly Sheep

Door Stop - Dolly Sheep

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Doorstops are fast becoming an increasingly popular, constantly selling household item not just due to their functional use in helping stop the annoying swinging motion of doors, but are now principally in hot demand due to their decorative accent and ornamental use in every room and lobby. As a result, this countryside themed Doorstop Dolly Sheep would appeal to your customers' decorative sense.

Measuring 22 centimetres in length, 20 centimetres in width, and 11 centimetres in height, the Doorstop Dolly Sheep is one doorstop that would certainly attract the attention of your visitors. Filled with top quality Polyfill and sand, it is then enclosed by long lasting polyester material on which is the cute image of sheep which gives it a rustic decorative accent.

  • Material: Polyester, Sand, Polyfill
  • Size: 22x20x11cm
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