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Fel Eur Stable And Animal Bedding 15kg

Fel Eur Stable And Animal Bedding 15kg

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Introducing Fel Eür Animal Bedding, the better bedding!

The soft and fluffy bedding that dreams are made of! 

Fel Eür bedding is made of 100% pure pine and rice hull, meaning that it is super absorbent and less dusty than traditional bedding.

There are many benefits to adding Rice Hull to the pine: A natural material that provide bulk.

⚜️ 100% Pure Pine and Rice Hull

⚜️ Super Absorbent

⚜️ Extremely Light Weight

⚜️ Less Dust - Don't breakdown over time and which causes dust

⚜️ Economical

⚜️ 100% Compostable - makes a wonderful natural mulch for the garden!

⚜️ Doesn't harbour moulds or fungus

⚜️ Great insulator, making the bedding even warmer in the cold.

15kg Bag of pellets which need to be watered down to produce the soft bedding

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