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Kohnke's Own Cal-Xtra. 15kg Calcium Supplement for Horses Grazing on Oxalate Pastures

Kohnke's Own Cal-Xtra. 15kg Calcium Supplement for Horses Grazing on Oxalate Pastures

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Kohnke's Own CAL-Xtra is a concentrated calcium supplement for horses grazing on oxalate pastures, as well as horses in training and growing horses. CAL-Xtra is especially formulated for horses consuming tropical pastures or hays where calcium uptake is reduced by oxalate compounds in the pasture and hay. Oxalate compounds bind calcium, reducing its availability, which can lead to an artificially induced calcium deficiency.

Kohnke's Own CAL-Xtra: contains a concentrated source of bone minerals calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in an optimum ratio to correct low or inadequate levels in the diet. has an acidified formulation to facilitate calcium uptake from the small intestine. contains vitamins A & D which have roles in the regulation of calcium absorption and utilisation, required for the growth and maintenance of bone. has an adhering, low dust formulation for minimum wastage in feed. is fenugreek flavoured to ensure acceptance.

CAL-Xtra is an ideal bone mineral supplement for horses grazing long term on oxalate pastures. High oxalate in tropical grass pastures may reduce calcium uptake and result in Nutritional Secondary Hyperparathyroidism (NSH), commonly known as Big Head.

Handy Hint: Mix CAL-Xtra well into the hard feed once per day. To avoid the effects of reduced calcium uptake due to oxalate binding in horses grazing tropical grass/high oxalate pastures, the hard feed and any lucerne/legume hay should be provided in a bin or yard where practical, so as to avoid horses mixing oxalates from mouthfuls of pasture with supplemented calcium in the hard feed under paddock conditions.


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