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Kohnke's Own Formex. 3kg Digestive Supplement for Horses

Kohnke's Own Formex. 3kg Digestive Supplement for Horses

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Digestive Supplement for Horses

Formex™ is well accepted and mixes easily into the food to provide natural compounds to normalise intestinal integrity, health and function.

Formex™ helps maintain the normal form of the droppings in foals, working and aged horses which develop or suffer from soft, loose droppings of a non-infective nature.

Formex™ contains natural only nutritional compounds, without herbs or microbials, which when inadequate in the diet, may result in loose, poorly formed droppings and chronic, low grade diarrhoea. It has a role in the management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in conjunction with veterinary treatment.


  • Contains natural phospholipids to help maintain the normal intestinal lining.
  • Provides highly absorbable branched chain amino acids and natural source glutamine for optimum intestinal health and function.
  • Has a role in maintaining the integrity of the intestinal lining.
  • Supplements organic zinc and glucose to normalise digestive function.
  • Contains a natural, broad-spectrum mycotoxin binder

3kg Tub

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