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Kohnke's Own Mag E. 6.5kg Organic Magnesium, Vitamin E and Vitamin B1 Supplement for Horses

Kohnke's Own Mag E. 6.5kg Organic Magnesium, Vitamin E and Vitamin B1 Supplement for Horses

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Mag E is the ideal supplement tor working and travelling horses to provide a well absorbed tor in of magnesium, as well as essential Vitamin E and Vitamin Bl, to help nerve and muscle function.

Mag E is an innovative supplement developed after 4 years of field trials on thousands of horses.

Kohnkes Mag-E contains:

  • High levels of organic magnesium - with the majority provided by 'organic' amino acid (yeast) chelate which reaches the absorption sites as an 'amino acid shielded' complex for optimum absorption.
  • Natural and synthetic Vitamin E - corrects low dietary levels to ensure optimum muscle and nerve function. 
  • Vitamin Bl (thiamine) - to help make up shortfalls in the diet of working horses fed on grain based, low roughage diets.
  • Debit to red yeast as a natural food compound to help maintain normal gastro-intestinal function in working, travelling or competitive horses.


  • Magnesium (as amino acid chelate and oxide) 90.0g
  • d-a-RRR tocopherol acetate (natural Vit. E) 30,000 IU
  • dl-a-tocopheryl adsorbate 30,000 IU
  • thiamine hydrochloride6660 mg
  • Debittered veast 83.3g
  • Also contains other synergistic digestive aids.

Mag-E has been formulated to provide a source of nutrients, based on organic magnesium.

  • Vitamin E and Vitamin B1 to correct low or inadequate dietary uptake to help maintain proper muscle and nerve function.
  • It is recommended that young horses in particular are given Mag E to help reduce the risk of injury due to frightened, over-reactive or shying behaviour in early training.

Dosage Rates 500kg bwt horse:

  • Starting Dosage: lt is recommended to Initially give 15g (I scoopful) Mag-E in each of the morning and evening feeds daily for 7 days.
  • In very anxious horses, Including young horses coining into training or being brokento saddle and training routines, up lo 3 scoopsful daily (1 1/2 scoopsful morning and evening) may need to be given to achieve the best results and help focus them on their training.
  • In an occasional horse, up to 2 scoopsful twice daily may be required during in his initial period to ensure an optimal result.
  • Daily Follow-Up Dosage: Once a horse has responded to the initial loading dose, then the dose can be reduced to 15g (1 scoopful), or for previously very anxious horses, 22 1/2 g (1 1/2 scoopsful) daily in the evening feed to help maintain cooperative and safe behaviour.
  • This dose can be continued daily to help maintain calm, co operative behaviour without making a horse too docile or slow or affect it's response to training demands.
  • In some cases, once the horse has established a pattern of co operative, settled behaviour over a 2-3 week period as blood magnesium levels are maintained, the dose can then be reduced to every alternate day.
  • However, in most cases, il is recommended lo increase the dose to 15g (I scoopful) twice daily for Ihe last 4-5 days before a race or competition to help ensure that the co-operative behaviour is maintained during travelling, when waiting to compete or during competition.
  • Making a Paste Format: Horses which are being supplemented with Mag-E on a daily basis and have a history of nervous behaviour during travelling or on race/competition day, can be given a double dose of 30g (2 scoopsful), mixed with 20ml, of water and 20ml cooking oil (or Energy Gold) into a paste.
  • This oil coating will help sustain its uptake when given over the tongue 4 hours before race or competition time.
  • This can help a horse cope for up to 8 hours during travelling, racing or competition.
  • This paste dose can also be given hours prior to travel if a horse has a history of being anxious when travelling.
  • Mag-E does not contain any substances which arc prohibited on race or competition day. It is a purely nutritional supplement only.

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