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Komodo Plastic Terrarium 39cm x 25cm x 16.5cm

Komodo Plastic Terrarium 39cm x 25cm x 16.5cm

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This Komodo Plastic Terrarium has many different uses, they can be used for transporting reptiles or livefood, great for full time spider enclosures and ideal as hatchling tubs to house baby reptiles. The plastic terrarium can also be used for bathing reptiles. There are many great features to this plastic terrarium, angled grates for optimum ventilation, pop out cable openings and top access points for feeding and monitoring.

• Used for; transporting reptiles or livefood, spider enclosures & ideal for hatchling tubs

• Great for bathing reptiles

• Angled grates for ventilation

• Pop out cable openings

• Top access feeding points

Measures: 39cm long x 25cm wide x 16.5cm high

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