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Mavlab Dental Water Additive 250ml For Dogs And Cats

Mavlab Dental Water Additive 250ml For Dogs And Cats

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Mavlab Dental Water Additive is formulated to improve the dental health of cats and dogs.

Easily added to your pet's water bowl, this concentrated liquid works to promote teeth and gum health, while freshening your pet's breath.

Mavlab Dental Water Additive is safe to use on a daily basis to promote complete oral health.


  • A dental water additive for complete oral health
  • Formulated for daily use in dogs and cats
  • Easily diluted in water
  • Highly palatable fresh mint taste
  • May assist in controlling plaque and tartar build-up
  • May assist in promoting fresh breath

Mavlab Dental Water Additive contains Manuka honey and mint flavouring to make it highly palatable. Readily consumed by most cats and dogs, it is simply diluted in water.

An economical answer to dental care, the solution has a dilution rate of 5ml to 500ml. For best results, add the recommended dosage to your pet's water bowl daily.

250ml Bottle

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