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One AC 200g Supplement For Non Sweating Horses

One AC 200g Supplement For Non Sweating Horses

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One AC powder is a supplement that was developed specifically for horses with performance-robbing anhidrosis (reduced ability to sweat). One AC has proven results from a field tests at the University of Florida.

Contains ascorbic acid, niacin, and L-tyrosine

Dose:  Maintenance 2 Scoops (2 tsps/4.7 g) daily

 When the imbalance of excess stress combines with high temperatures and humidity, horses begin to suffer the debilitating effects of anhydrosis.

• No side effects have been reported from using this feed supplement.

• There are no ingredients in ONE AC that are known to cause a problem for pregnant and lactating mares.

• Contains no ingredients that will test, safe to use up to competition day.

• ONE AC is weight and work-dependent and was designed for the average-sized horse. Therefore, for larger or smaller animals, the dosage needs to be adjusted. Add or subtract 1/2 tsp per day for every 450kg over or under the designed minimum or maximum weight.

• Field tested by the University of Florida. Safely on the market for 15 years.

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