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Pisces Aquatics Nitrobacter Powder 50G Aquarium Treatment

Pisces Aquatics Nitrobacter Powder 50G Aquarium Treatment

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This product is a compound of nitrifying microorganisms which organically break down harmful ammonia and nitrites into beneficial nutrients for your aquarium plants. A healthy population of nitrifying bacteria also improves filtration and stabilises water quality.

Please note that it is normal to see some cloudiness or discolouration in the water column for a short time after dosage.

Pisces tip!

To reduce your aquarium cycling time, Pisces recommends inoculating your aquarium substrate by mixing it with Nitrobacter powder  before filling up your aquarium. 

Pisces Aquatics Nitrobacter:

  • Increases biological filtration
  • Maintains aquarium health
  • Improves aquarium condition
  • Is not harmful if overdosed.
  • Can be used in both fresh and salt water aquariums


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