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Pisces Gutload. Insect Enhancement For Reptiles

Pisces Gutload. Insect Enhancement For Reptiles

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Pisces Gutload is the ultimate food for prey insects. Specifically formulated for Pisces Crickets and Woodies, it is made from only the highest quality ingredients.

Pisces Gutload covers a broad spectrum of all the important components required in a reptile and amphibian diet—protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.


In order for your pet to benefit from the Gutload elements, feed your Pisces insects up to 2 hours before being fed to your pet. Feed prey to pet as you normally would.


Gutload is also an excellent daily feed for Crickets and Woodies.

Feed your reptile a vitamin enriched cricket

  • Nutrient rich organic formula
  • Gutload your Pisces Live Food before feeding to your pet
  • Can also be used as a daily insect feed
  • Specifically formulated for Pisces Live Food
  • Uses the same formula that Pisces Live Food are raised on


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