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Planter Pot - Navy/Natural

Planter Pot - Navy/Natural

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Create a bold new impression with your plants with planters that are solid in styling, traditional in their craft and help embrace the beauty of nature in your spatial displays whether in the outdoors or the indoors. Terracotta gets along famously with plants which owes also to their association with the earth and this relationship gets reflected in the simple design and impactful effect such designs have. This planter comes with a portable size that will be as great for your patio as it would be for your living room or window sill.

Made using traditional crafting methods planters on offer in this range come handcrafted which endows them with a certain kind of character that is found basically in hand made articles. The simple cylindrical shape allows it to be combined with planters with varied shape and its combination if colours help create that pop of excitement. The bright turquoise coloured lower half contrasts vividly and will be clearly visible under the bushiest of foliar. A simple means to add colour and life and welcome the beauty of nature into your spaces. been hand crafted gives it a storied and artisanal flair setting its look apart.

  • Material: Terracotta Ceramic
  • Size: 11x11x11.5cm
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