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Plastic Beehive Stand 10 Frame Langstroth Bee Hive Base Ant Tool Beekeeping

Plastic Beehive Stand 10 Frame Langstroth Bee Hive Base Ant Tool Beekeeping

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This is a plastic sturdy beehive stand, suitable for a 10 Frame Beehive, carrying up to 150-200kg.

Ideal for managing and caring for your bees, this strong beehive stand gets your bee hive off the ground and allows you to protect the hive from rodents and ants.

An essential and practical tool, the stand is easy to assemble and sturdy in design, with interlocking joints for excellent strength, metal support bars for even weight support and distribution, and extending metal frame holders for convenience.


  • Model: HST-1 (10F)
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Plastic and Metal
  • Stand Base Dimensions approx. (cm): 31(H) x 63(L) x 48(W)
  • Stand Upper Dimensions approx. (cm): 57.7 (L) x 41.3 (inner width)
  • Metal Frame Holder Length (cm): 20.5
  • Stand Weight: 3.15kg
  • Stand Capacity: 150-200kg


  • Multifunctional and convenient tool
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Moisture proof and insect resistant
  • Sturdy Design - The beehive will be safe and sound held on this sturdy stand with metal support bars that evenly distribute the weight
  • Interlocking Joints -  four sides slide together for a tight, strength and durability
  • Metal Frame Holder - In addition to weight distribution, the metal rests come out 21cm from the stand to provide a convenient frame holder
  • Easy Assembly - all the hardware is provided to assemble your stand quickly and easily

Package Includes:


Bee Hive Stand For 10 Frame Langstroth.

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