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Propagation Seedlings Heating Mat Seed Germination Starter

Propagation Seedlings Heating Mat Seed Germination Starter

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Warm tips: 
- Please do not immerse the heat mat in water. 
- Please note that this is 21 watts seedling mat, if your greenhouse, terrarium or aquarium is too big, maybe this can not get enough heat. 
- Because it is just 21W, it will not heat once you plug in the power supply, please wait for about 10 ~ 30 minutes, it warms up slowly.

- The heating mat surface temperature can reach about 30~40℃ heat mat can not adjust temperature.
- Size of greenhouse heated mat: 20 x 10 inches. Power: 21 watts, AC 230~240V 50/60Hz. Low power consumption.
- It is well suited as a heated propagator for indoor greenhouses as well as for use in the terrarium area, fish aquarium, beer brewing ect.
- Heat pad with Ideal heat source for optimal supply of terrarium animals, reptiles, indoor greenhouse, veggie, herb, and flower seed germination.

Material: PVC
Input: AC100~240V 50/60Hz
Plug Type: AU Plug
Power: 21W
Size: 20 x 10in


Package Included:
1 x Heating Mat (AU Plug)

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