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Prydes Easi Feed Performance 20kg

Prydes Easi Feed Performance 20kg

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A high energy, oat free sweet feed, scientifically balanced for racing and performance horses.

Packed In: 25 kg Poly Bags


  • Extruded Corn
  • Extruded Barley
  • Vitamin and Mineral Pellet (soybean meal, millmix, wheat, calcium phosphate, lupins, faba beans, barley, Pryde's trace mineral and vitamin premix with Bioplex® trace minerals, limestone, salt, magnesium oxide, dried molasses, cold pressed canola oil, lysine)
  • Molasses
  • Extruded Lupins
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Extruded Full Fat Soybean
  • Cold Pressed Canola Oil
  • Salt
  • Pure Honey
  • Potassium Chloride
  • Antioxidant
  • Bio-Chrome™ Organic Chromium
  • Vitamin E
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