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Ranvet Lang's Solution 500ml Saline Infusion For Horses

Ranvet Lang's Solution 500ml Saline Infusion For Horses

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Intravenous (IV) alkaline hypertonic saline infusion to maintain fluid and electrolyte balance in horses.


  • Rapid rehydration effects, particularly useful following long distance transport or heavy exercise.
  • Initiates the thirst reflex in horses which are unwilling to drink.
  • Restores cellular efficiency and body salts to ensure optimal athletic performance.


  • Alters the blood profile from one of hypotonic contraction to hypertonic expansion; a gain of salts in excess of water.
  • Ideal for rapid restoration of body fluid reserves.

Active Ingredients per L

Sodium Chloride 38g

Sodium Citrate 38g

Directions For Use

Administer entire contents of one 500mL pouch by intravenous (IV) infusion.  This product is for use by veterinarians only.  

Ensure fresh, clean drinking water is available immediately after treatment, as horses will seek out water.

The provision of adequate dietary roughage (hay) will aid the prevention of dehydration due to fibrous matter in the hindgut acting as a storage reservoir for water and electrolytes.  Horses must receive 1% of body weight daily in roughage provision.


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