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Rapigel 250g Muscle & Joint Relieving Gel For Horses

Rapigel 250g Muscle & Joint Relieving Gel For Horses

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Rapigel is a powerful muscle and joint relieving gel for use in dogs. It greatly lowers pain or soreness associated with joint, muscle and tendon injuries. It relieves joint inflammation and pain due to dog arthritis. The soothing gel is helpful for swollen and inflamed joints and tendons. The gel based cream aids to recover from intense exercises and overexertion.

How does it work?

Rapigel contains three major ingredients Menthol, Camphor and Isopropyl Alcohol. The integrated effect of all these components helps to soothe muscle constraint and relaxes muscle spasm and muscle fibres. It greatly reduces joint swelling and offers cooling effect while promoting tendon repair.

250g Jar

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