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Schleich Large Playset Secret Horse Training at the Horse Club Caravan

Schleich Large Playset Secret Horse Training at the Horse Club Caravan

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Schleich Secret Horse Training at the Horse Club Caravan Playset 72141
The girls are holding secret training by the caravan at the edge of the Peppertree forest!
They want to impress the strict judges with their Andalusian mare and English thoroughbreds.
After the training, they sit together around the bonfire and give each other last-minute tips.
Who will snatch the trophy?
Fun fact The caravan has a little secret compartment, which the girls use as a hiding place.
Many parts are functional, like the foldable table, movable shutters and doors, tiltable parasol, and pillows made of real fabric!
There movable roof turns into a horse stable!
Paddocks have endless possibilities for extension and can be combined with a riding school and horse stalls!


What's included:
1xgirl, 1x Andalusian mare, 1x squirrel, 1x caravan, 2x lanterns, 1x ladder, 1xchair,
1xparasol, 1x terrace table, 1x sofa, 1x coffee table, 1x lamp, 1x flower box, 1xrope ladder,
2xvictory ribbons, 1x saddle, 1x bridle, 1x reins, 1x halter, 1x feeding rack, 1xcurry comb,
1xgrooming brush, 1x straw bale, 1x bucket, 1x apples, 2x pillows, 1x campfire,1x bottle,
2xbarbecue skewers with sausage, 2x cups, 2x mugs, 1x key, 1x pot plant, 3xlogs,1x sticker,
1xEnglish Thoroughbred mare, 1x English Thoroughbred stallion, 1x English Thoroughbred foal,
4x paddock, 1x feeding rack, 1x apples, 1x obstacle, 1xwinner's trophy, 1x assembly instructions
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