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Surefix Horticultural Frost Blanket 2 metres x 10 metres 30gsm

Surefix Horticultural Frost Blanket 2 metres x 10 metres 30gsm

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Frost blanket is designed to be laid slightly above the plant and absorbs the moisture from the air to prevent the plant getting frost damage. Plants are easily damaged by frost because the water in their leaf cells freeze and expand in the cold air. As the ice thaws, the call walls collapse. Plant damage is rarely obvious until the plant thaws because the ice holds the plant rigid. The best way to avoid frost damage all winter long is to be proactive and use products like a frost blanket.

Additionally, the blanket can serve as insect & bird exclusion, fruit fly protection, heat stress reduction, & reducing transplant stress

A frost blanket creates an insulating air pocket by trapping the heat that radiates from the soil to provide warmth around the plants. The aim is the hold warmer air around the plants, and can protect plants from pest deterrent and can be a seedling growth accelerator. Promoting natural, undisturbed growth, and creating a micro-climate in which seedlings can thrive. And doing this will prevent any damage to your plants after a heavy rain, frost, or snowfall that would most likely weigh down the frost blanket onto your plants.

During the day, soil collects heat, & loses this heat overnight. The frost blanket traps the warmth of the soil, keeping warmer air down close around the plant, thus preventing the rapid surface cooling conducive to frost formation. Additionally then, the cover, rather than the plant, becomes the surface on which the moisture freezes. During the day, soil collects heat, whilst overnight soil loses heat.

Frost-cloth will not harm plants if it remains on for extended periods of time as it will provide a warm, light-filled and sheltered micro-climate for sensitive plants to flourish.

Tips to use frost blanket effectively:

  • Anchor firmly against the wind
  • Ensure blanket is sealed to the ground along all lower edges (The aim is to hold warm air around plants)
  • Fleece can be laid directly on plants but best results are achieved with support just above the top most leaves.
  • For heavier frosts, fold twice.

Blanket Size: 2 metres x 10 metres  30gsm

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