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Think Free Tubby 8kg A Concentrated Lick For Horses With Insect Control

Think Free Tubby 8kg A Concentrated Lick For Horses With Insect Control

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Think Free is a Lick that you can put in your horses stable or paddock and it's purpose is to reduce the annoyance of  flies and other insects.

A concentrated mineral, trace element and vitamin base combined with a patented technology that helps deter outdoor irritants with every lick

All-natural safer alternative to tradition toxic chemical or essential oils-based products, bringing together clever scientific technology to improve horse nutrition & health in an easy free access lick. Think Free Lick is a2 in 1 product. A full vitamin & mineral balancer lick PLUS the power of Ectogon-284(R) to keep your horse happy and comfortable! Think Free Lick will not melt in the hot summer heat, place in the shade.

Features and Benefits

Contains Ectogon-284 - Patented technology that contains key ingredients (volatile compounds) that safely alter a horse’s basic physiology to reduce the attraction to outdoor irritants.

High levels of Vitamin E, Selenium & lodine - Provides immune support and antioxidant benefits especially for horses experiencing ongoing muscle soreness

High levels of Zinc and Chelated Zinc – Skin promoting properties that encourage healthly hair regrowth & coat condition. The chelated source allows improved nutrient absorption across the horse’s intestinal lining optimising the nutrients qualities including support of hoof integrity

Free Access easy to use mineral lick - Highly palatable formula with low intakes allows the horse to top up as and when they need it. Also reduces the need for sprays creating a stress-free and healthier environment for horses, staff and riders

8kg Tub

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