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True Blu Puncture Goo 250ml Tyre Sealant

True Blu Puncture Goo 250ml Tyre Sealant

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  • Since 1978, True Blue Puncture Goo has set the standard in the tyre sealant market for over 30 years by proving it's success in a large variety of vehicles both on road and off

  • Easy and quick to install and the only tyre sealant that can be truly used as a preventative, without having detrimental effects to the tyres & tubes

  • Environmentally friendly and bio degradable

  • Suitable as a universal puncture repair kit to save money and down time for such vehicles as on road cars, quad runners, ag-bikes, tractors, four wheeled drives and ride-on mowers

  • Australian Made for Australian Conditions!
  • 250ml bottle
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