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Vella Rabbit Guinea Pig Grower/Breeder Pellet 1kg

Vella Rabbit Guinea Pig Grower/Breeder Pellet 1kg

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Vella Rabbit & Guinea Pig Grower Breeder Pellets

  • Pelleted diet suited to companion Rabbits and Guinea Pigs at all ages.
  • Contains added vitamin C
  • Contains a natural herbal Coccidiostas

Typical raw materials considered in the formulation of this diet. 

Australian cereal grains & their Co-Products, Corn, Canola Meal, Soy Meal, Lupin, Lucerne Meal, Vegetable Oil, Amino Acids, Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin Premix, Vitamin C, Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Probiotics, Prebiotics, Natural Betaine,  Antioxidant,  Digestive Emzymes, Herbal Coccidiostat

All raw materials used are steamed conditioned prior to the pelleting process

1kg Bag

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