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Vetafarm Finch & Budgie Crumbles 2kg Complete Diet For Finches & Budgies

Vetafarm Finch & Budgie Crumbles 2kg Complete Diet For Finches & Budgies

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  • Total small bird nutrition in a highly digestible extruded crumble.
  • Contains the balanced nutrition necessary for finches, canaries and budgies.
  • Eliminates seed and hull waste leaving aviaries and cages cleaner.
  • Promotes better feathering and colouration.
  • High energy/protein ration and balanced amino acid profiles for better growth.
  • Improves fertility and chick rearing.Birds develop better body condition.

For conversion from seed if gradual, mix 50:50 seed to crumbles. Allow all seed to be eaten before adding more mix. Birds should be consuming the crumbles within 3-4 days. Once crumbles are being eaten, eliminate seed.

Conversion may be sudden, simply remove all seed and replace with crumbles. Ensure familiar feed dishes and feeding locations are retained. Birds may appear fluffed for 2-3 days while their systems adjust but should return to normal within a week.

For soft feeding add hot water to a small amount of crumbles, stir and supply in place of normal soft foods. As birds take to this food, decrease the water added and begin reducing the amount of seed supplied. Birds will convert shortly.

Water must be available at all times as birds on Finch Crumbles consume more water than seed eating birds. (Allow for extra water consumption when using in-water medications).

2kg Bag

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