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Virbac Cetrigen 100g Aerosol Antibacterial Wound Spray

Virbac Cetrigen 100g Aerosol Antibacterial Wound Spray

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Cetrigen is a distinctly / brightly coloured antibacterial wound spray. It is formulated for the treatment of superficial cuts and wounds in all animals. It assists in drying the wound, thus aiding the natural healing process and decreasing the attractive nature of the wound for the flies. Cetrimide is an effective anti-bacterial agent, thereby aiding in the prevention of infection. Cetrigen also contains insect repellants to prevent insects and maggots being attracted to the area and irritating the horse and wound further.
Active Constituents
- Cetrimide 0.1g/100g (0.1%),
- Di-N-Propylisoncinchomeronate,
- Diethyl Toluamide BP.

100g Aerosol Spray

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